About K's Blinds
Vertical Blinds customer promise is to provide "expensive looks at inexpensive prices."  We offer unique and custom made designs including the "Quarter" Round, "Half Circle", the "Eyebrow" arch, "Peacock" arch Wood Blinds as well as Horizontals and Verticals

You will find our custom blinds have many features:

  • Easy to match to any decor
  • Many colors available 
  • Many styles available
  • Blinds have washable finishes
  • Economic pricing structure
  • Our blinds are the perfect combination with PVC vertical and mini blinds.
Now you can add excitement to your window treatments and redecorate your home! Dress up your windows with our beautiful custom made blinds!  We have numerous styles and colors to choose from.  We're sure that you will find a style and color custom suited for your home.  Add that special touch today!  For examples of some of our styles available, please visit our style showcase.

We offer custom made blinds to fit any window, even odd shaped sizes!  Just send us the measurements and a description of your window's shape (or send us a picture) and we'll do the rest.  It's that easy!  For more information, email us at:  kblinds@kblinds.com or call 321-951-4050.  If you wish to know more about how to measure your windows, go to our "How to Measure Like a Pro" page.  Read more about our special PVC arches below.

"Quarter Round"and our
"Half Round" arches offer a finished and a very elegant look.

"Eyebrow" PVC Arches
Wooden Blinds
We can make 2 inch horizontal blinds in wood, Silkwood, Facade, plain PVC or textured PVC. Verticals and horizontal PVC can be matched for use in the same room.
Horizontal Blinds

About our Peacock PVC Arches

The Peacock PVC arch is a durable, color fast multicolored window treatment made from standard 3-1/2 inch wide PVC vertical blind material.  It is difficult to state which PVC's are suitable for use since style names vary by manufacturer.  Normally we find that the curved PVC in Galaxy (translucent stripes run through it) is the most popular, although plain curved, ribcord and even corduroy can be used also.  It cannot be done with channel panel or PVC's such as cloud, new wave or fantastic as the pivot point (where the slats meet at the bottom).  It would be too thick for the depth of the window.  We can mix various colors by placing a "V" in the center or alternating slats within the fan.  You may view even more pictures of our fabulous blinds by visiting our Pictures Page.  Be sure to visit our Styles Showcase also for more great ideas.

Some Advantages of the PVC Arch

  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Will match with verticals
  • Color Fast
  • Custom fitted for odd shapes & Sizes
  • Washable
  • Will Match with mini blinds
  • Fireproof & energy efficient

"It's the hottest item in window treatments!"
C.B. Barton, Melbourne Beach, FL
"The perfect accent to any room or any home!"
T. Hattensen, Melbourne, FL


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